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The Land Of Hot Springs

Located in west-central Montana in the Smith River Valley, White Sulphur Springs sit halfway between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. It is surrounded on three sides by the Castle Mountains, the Big Belt Mountains and the Little Belt Mountains, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies at an elevation of just over 5,000 feet. It gets its name from the hot springs that bubble up from the ground in the area. It's these hot springs that attracted Native Americans and settlers alike to the area and its these hot springs that still exist in this quiet, out of the way town.

The Kings Hill Scenic Highway is thought by many to be one of the most beautiful stretches of highway anywhere in America and White Sulphur Springs sits right alongside it. The history of this town is tangled up in the hot springs around it. The Native Americans made journeys to the area to soak in the hot baths that they considered medicinal. When John Brewer found the place in 1886 he saw the valley of the warm water coming up from the ground and built a stage stop for travelers coming west.

Still a town on the edge of civilization, it's this location that makes White Sulphur Springs so attractive. Many people who want to have the qualities of a small town, while still being close to larger towns with services find a home here. Although it is isolated, it is still just a short drive to the capital of Montana, Helena. Not bad for a town with roughly 950 people that lays claim to being the county seat for Meagher County.

Ranching is a way of life in this area and for good reason. The landscape of central Montana is unique to other areas around the state. The Smith River carries a wealth of water and rich soil that it dumps off onto its shores. This soil and a moderate climate make raising livestock and growing grains easier than in most parts of this large state. As a result, there are many ranches and farms dotting the area.

For recreation you'll find abundant amounts of wildlife to hunt or watch, trails to explore and wilderness to get lost in. In the winter you can head to the Showdown Ski Area and Silver Crest Nordic Trail system. Showdown boasts 34 downhill ski trails accessed by 3 lifts culminating in over 640 acres fresh Montana snow. The Silver Crest area has 7.5 miles of groomed trails. If you'd rather jump onto something with a motor you can always take to the countryside on a snowmobile and travel around the 200 miles of trails dedicated to the sport.

If you are considering purchasing land in or near White Sulphur Springs, contact the Clearwater Montana Properties office and speak to our real estate agents. They have knowledge of the area and can help you find the piece of property that you've always wanted.

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