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Kootenai River Country

Troy, Montana is located in the northwest corner of the state at an elevation of 1,892 feet, making it the lowest physical point in the state. It is about 10 miles from Idaho and 50 miles from Canada and just a few miles east of the line that divides Mountain Standard Time from Pacific Standard Time. Regardless of how far away it is from significant places, it's hard to argue that its directly surrounded by pure, untouched beauty.

Hugging the banks of the Kootenai River, Troy has the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness to the south and the Purcell Mountains to the north. Here you will find much of the same big and small game you can in other parts of Montana. Also to the south is the Ross Creek Cedar Grove Scenic Area, a place with 250 foot high red cedars that are as old as 500 years. This unique grove is a Pacific Rainforest and unusual to say the least for Montana, receiving more than 50 inches of rain in any given year.

The town of Troy has around 1,100 people who call it home. It has a history as the freight division for the Great Northern Railroad and as the headquarters for mining operations that worked out of the nearby Cabinet Mountains. But, when the mines dried up, the workers took off to other parts of Montana and Idaho to find work, leaving Troy with peace, quiet, and the beauty of its surroundings.

Beyond the trails and open wilderness to explore, Troy also has many excellent campgrounds that are inviting and family friendly. The Bad Medicine Campground is located along the nearby Bull Lake. Here you'll find a boat ramp, access to fishing and great views for that picnic in the midafternoon. If you want to see the Kootenai

National Forest, you can head over to the Dorr Skeels Campground and explore there. In the waters near these campgrounds you'll find rainbow trout, kokanee salmon and eastern brook trout biting on your lines.

If you want to learn more about the Kootenai River, Troy and the surrounding area, call the real estate agents at Clearwater Montana Properties. The agents in the Troy office can help you find your way around the area and get you into the property of your dreams.

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