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About Philipsburg

A silver town with a sweet tooth

Philipsburg started out as a mining town in the 1890's that concentrated mainly on silver. It became famous because of the square-set mine timbering style that was adopted in the area, which was created by Philip Deidesheimer. Because his first name was easier to pronounce than his last, the town evolved from being called 'the burg', to being called Philipsburg. It was this town that was home to the first silver mill in Montana, the Hope Mill, which also played a role as protection from Native Americans when they choose to attach the new settlers in the area.

Now, Philipsburg has been transformed into a quiet commercial district filled with fun, unique shops that consist of a brewery, a world class BBQ restaurant, a killer candy store and a handful of interesting boutiques that make stopping in this town a must for all visitors to the area. In addition to the shopping, many of the downtown buildings have been preserved as part of the National Historic Business District.

Within this one of a kind town you will find the oldest operating school, jail and opera house as well as some of the friendliest people in the lower 48. This town has everything you need to get along and so much more. And it's surrounded by some of the states most beautiful countryside.

Outside the town you find the type of landscape that you'd expect in a small, rural, Montana town. Discovery Ski Area is just 10 miles outside Philipsburg. Here you will find a multitude of ski runs for every experience level. Even closer you will find Georgetown Lake, a haven for fishermen, swimmers and boat enthusiasts alike. And, in every direction you can find trailheads that will lead you into pristine wilderness areas.

If you are looking for a piece of property to call your own in Montana, grabbing a parcel of land in or around Philipsburg may be just the choice for you. Let the knowledgeable real estate agents at the Clearwater Montana Properties office in Philipsburg help you find the exact property of your dreams.

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