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Montana land for sale
The prospect of purchasing a parcel of land in rural Montana is an exciting one. Montana has a diverse landscape and the types of properties are as varied as their uses. From working ranches to recreational property for hunting, fishing and relaxing – you can find it in Montana. If you are looking for a mountain plot overlooking a river valley, then head on over to the western part of our great state. If you’re looking for some prairie land to farm/ranch, then head east. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Montana.
Find A Clearwater Montana Properties Agent
Finding the prefect parcel can be a daunting task in a state as large as Montana. Your first step is to find a licensed realtor that knows Montana from border to border. The agents at Clearwater Montana Properties are just those agents. Participating with Cabela’s Trophy Properties, Clearwater Montana Properties has proven to be an asset time and again to sellers and buyers around our state. Visit with a CMP agent and let them help you find your dream property.
Determine What Is Crucial and What You Can Live Without
Many people head out on their property search with only a vague idea of what they want from their property. Looking for a place to relax doesn’t say enough about what you want. You have to think about what relaxes you. Do you want mountains and hills or a nearby-forested area? Do you want a property that already has a home built? Do you need outbuildings and easy access in every season? Envision yourself on your property. What do you see when you look around. Determine what your ‘must haves’ are and let your realtor know. This will cut down on your search and save you and your realtor time and gas.
Always Consider Water
There are two types of water associated with properties; the kind you can recreate in, like rivers, lakes and streams and the kind you work with, like ground water. You can purchase a property that has limited or no water onsite, but you need to know that your use of that property will be limited. Make sure you understand what type of water is available and how much of it there is before you purchase any property in Montana.
Verbal and Written Agreements
When you purchase a parcel of property, you’re not just purchasing the physical land and all that grows and dwells on it. You are also purchasing the intangible benefits and conditions connected to that land. Many of the conditions – such as easements and agreements -- are bound by law, recorded with the deed of the land. However, it is a good idea to speak with the owner of the property to determine if there are any verbal agreements they have with their neighbors in regards to access or other items that might limit your use of the property. It is also a good idea to know about any verbal easements your potential neighbors might be giving you as well.
Mineral Rights Versus Surface Rights
In Montana, ownership of the land doesn’t necessarily give you ownership of what is underground. Many times the ownership of the surface (surface rights) are separated from the subsurface rights (minerals). Typically, surface rights are in the ownership of private individuals. These give you the right to use the land as you see fit. Subsurface rights in Montana are typically federally owned. This means if you strike oil or find gold – you don’t get to keep it. It’s not uncommon for the rights to be separate, but ask so you know for sure.
These are just a few of the items that you should consider when looking to purchase Montana Land for sale. Don’t hesitate to contact a Clearwater Montana Properties agent. They’ll know the answers to your questions and get you started out on the right path to owning your dream property.
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